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Sprinkle Cheese

Pregnant with Bobby Hartwig's child, Thai nurse Silliporn tracks him down to Alabama where, having survived a jump from a bridge in Bangkok, Bobby's back home taking care of stroke-victim Harold Suggs and falling in love with his gorgeous granddaughter Bee. The tiny Suggs' house turns pressure cooker beneath the stingy gaze of Harold's game-show addicted wife Nadine and a helpful retired nun who's moved in next door.


Russell Helms

Russell Helms has had stories in Whitefish Review, Nowhere Magazine, Sand, Drunken Boat, Litro, Versal, Bewildering Stories, The Moth, and other journals. He writes, designs books, and holds a lectureship in English at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He is from Alabama and was born in Georgia. He has traveled a bit, including trips to Thailand, Ethiopia, Peru, and Haiti. Helms holds an MFA in creative writing from Bluegrass Writers Studio and is a graduate of Jefferson State College (nursing), Auburn (history) and Yale (public health).

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