Depression Since Prozac: Finding the True Self (Sij Books, 2019)

The true self, in the face of depression, is the medicated self. Depression renders us incapable of living a full life free from dogged thoughts of gloom, despair, and even thoughts of self harm. Prior to Prozac, depression was a fuzzy concept that carried much social stigma. Now, more than thirty years since its release, Prozac and depression are household words. Prozac made it okay to be depressed and to seek treatment. The unprecedented media fascination with Prozac mainstreamed depression into everyday life, bringing awareness of the disorder and encouraging many to seek treatment. Worldwide, depression is the number one cause of disability, and every forty seconds someone commits suicide. There is little reason to suffer without treatment, and one need not fear that the true self will be compromised. To be true to ourselves, we must live to our full potential, which depression robs. Depression Since Prozac: Finding the True Self delves deep into what depression is, why Prozac has been such a popular remedy, Prozac's effect on creativity, and explores why so many have embraced Prozac and why so many disparage it as unnatural, even claiming that it provides an unfair advantage. Prozac may indeed make you "feel better than well," but what could be better than that? More than just a mental "nose job," Prozac has helped millions to live with depression, to be happy and successful, to retain our identity and to realize our true selves.

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