The Ground Catches Everything

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"Witty, sharp, and refreshingly off-beat. Helms is great at building a story that is literary and entertaining at the same time. Like a magic act, the story appears from thin air and materializes before your eyes."
Dustin Beutin

"I just this second finished your book and Dude. It. Was. So. Good. YOU KNOW."
Kelly Tenille

If this is Russell Helm's first effort at the novel, there's hope for literary fiction. His protagonist, Bobby Hartwig, in "The Ground Catches Everything" is reminiscent of Toole's Ignatius J. Reilly in all the comedic ways, but it's never over the top or ridiculous. The comedy works as dark humor throughout this fine novel. Hartwig encounters obstacle after obstacle and the plot never lets up. It's a rambunctious read. The brief trip to Thailand is heartbreaking in its own right, and the novel doesn't let up once Hartwig reaches Alabama. It's obvious that Helms has a background in the medical field, as his fiction has vivid descriptions regarding health and recovery. If you're looking for a unique, highly enjoyable addition to the Western canon of literature read this - now! It's cold outside, and this book can be read indoors. Do it.

"I really enjoyed this book. Once I started I could not put it down."
Charlotte W.